Thursday, January 8, 2009


Imagine you are in a dream. In this dream you are unaware of your past. You know it is there but it is like a distant voice you strain to hear, yet cannot make out. You know you have a purpose but you are not exactly sure what it is. It appears like a path wrapped in a deep fog where you are only able to see a few steps ahead before it disappears in to the mist.

In this dream you have an intake of breath, and you feel the rush of life-giving oxygen into every cell of your body. As the breath releases out of your lungs, you feel your body relax fully. Your eyes open and you see your body is made up of something other flesh and bone. You see that it is part of the entire dream. Connected though a complex network of what look like strings or beams of pure light.

And as you feel your physical body you realize that is it is not as you recall. There are no aches and pains, no irritations or discomforts. You body is fully activated and endowed with a raw power that is supple and fluid. You do not need your glasses, your prescriptions, your cane or anything else to allow you to move though this dream. In this dream you are naked and graceful as you observe this world.

And you see that all around you in this dream is an endless white. The dream is a vast emptiness, that is blank and waiting for you to add objects, color and the design elements for it to exist. Like a painter before a blank canvas you become filled with the creative impulse. It is not a desire or emotion or thought but all and none of these. It is an undeniable force that rises inside you and requires your participation to be born.

And in this dream you know what you must do. Your consciousness is both the brush and the paint, to create this artwork. And you begin to move, dance, and sing. And as you do the dream becomes a burst of light, color, and sound. Everything is as it should be, nothing is in the wrong place, nor does it happen at the wrong time. In this dream you live in an endless now that is harmony and bliss.

As you create your dream your awareness spreads and you experience other beings creating their own dreams. And you are conscious that your dream is intermingling with their dreams. And where they meet, the colors merge and the painting is different. It is not how you envisioned, but how could it be, as the others added to your dream and made it something more that you could have alone.

As the dream expands you understand that it is infinite. There are dreams, merging with dreams, within dreams. It all is a divine design that extends far beyond your ability to comprehend from where you are in the dream, but you know it is all-perfect beyond words. And in this moment you feel waves of love and joy merge with sorrow and pain. The crashing of endless seas of emotion. And you are one with the entire dream and you are no longer you.


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  2. Congratulations, Master Arjan! A magnificent beginning in illustrating the universal truths, which in truth, lies even beyond these canvased thoughts, images, and beautifully scribed phrasings.

    If along your creative journey you find yourself staring at a blank canvas (having run out of things to say), know that you have truly arrived and everything is OK (as it is supposed to be) even when the Earthly climate surrounding you is either too hot or too cold in the perception of any given moment.

    And when you decide what your next steps for being "here" shall be, may you find peace along the potholed path towards your own enlightenment, continued compassion for those who know not (or are incapable of knowing so), and balance (amidst the wisdom of counterbalance) that ultimately resides in the space between the notes of any proposed extremes.